Urbanity has been selling Oleana products since 2004.  From 2008 until the end of 2017 we represented Oleana in Canada.  Oleana produces a new collection for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.  New colour-ways are added to previous collections, as well as new designs are introduced.  Gradually colour-ways, and designs are taken out of production over the years.

Designs that are still in production can be ordered if they are not found in our stock.  Items that are out of production may no longer be available in sizes not shown.

We also have scarves and wristlets in all designs.

OLEANA HOME – We also carry Oleana blankets.  Our stock is presently low, but we can order which ever design you are interested in.

Colour Codes:  Oleana uses a letter of the alphabet to indicate Colour.

A, R – Red

V – Pink

K – Cerise/Burgundy/Fuchsia

W, F, FQ – Blue

Q – pastel blue

O – Black

H – Brown

C – Lilac

B – Beige

D – Grey  (red in some Blankets)