We might have a job for you, if you

* share our dedication to sustainable clothes

* have one-on-one fashion retail experience

* are more than comfortable with Microsoft Office and stay cool when paper jams in the printer

* love to iron!!

Interested?  Read on……


We are always on the lookout for an assistant that would be a good fit with Urbanity.  

Updated July 10, 2018:  We are looking for a person who is available to work 2-3 days a week.

URBANITY  (www.urbanity.ca) is a small  boutique on Granville Street, with a casual style.  A shop with a strong ethical philosophy, we believe that the world needs less, but more beautiful, well-made clothes. Our slogan is that we sell clothes and accessories ‘made by caring hands’ meaning  that as much as possible we buy from the country of source – mostly directly from designer who work with natural materials.

Our customers are women who respect our principals and who are willing to pay the price of quality. For this reason, we pride ourselves on giving exceptional but relaxed customer service. Many of our collections come from Scandinavia, and Urbanity has featured OLEANA— the Norwegian Story, since 2004.

We opened in Gastown at the end of 2004 and moved to Granville Street in May 2010. We are a hands-on shop – we do our own bookkeeping, graphics, and social media. You would be expected to work alone as well with the owner and another team member.  You will learn a lot about being self-employed and how to run a small shop!

Having similar retail (one-on-one) experience selling clothing is an absolute must, as is being completely comfortable with all aspects of Microsoft Office.

In order to help me understand how your skills would fit the store, please mark the level you feel you have for each, 1 (weak) – 5 (strong).  Email me your CV, together with the list below.  Tell me about yourself!!  Send your application with minimum two references to myurbanity@gmail.com

  • has experience working in a clothing shop with one-on-one customer service
  • is completely comfortable with all aspects of Microsoft Office
  • is self-motivated and takes responsibility
  • is able to multi-task (ie, look after more than one customer at a time)
  • is able to size up a customer and make suggestions
  • has a passion for selling and enjoys dealing with customers
  • willing to participate in general housekeeping from dusting to vacuuming
  • has an eye for design and an appreciation for craftsmanship and quality
  • has a passion for our philosophy and products, and keen to learn the stories –the history/product/pronunciation
  • has knowledge of the brands and designers we carry
  • able to convey maturity and sophistication through voice tone and mannerisms
  • has a flair for colour and an interest in merchandising
  • has an interest and/or knowledge of fabrics, fibres, and textile

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!
Julia Manitius