We aim to buy directly from designers who find their inspiration in traditions, history, beautiful natural fabrics, and patterns, and who create collections where each design interlocks with the other pieces in the collection.

Most of what is sold in Urbanity comes from Scandinavia, or has a Scandinavian aesthetic of being true to the materials they are made from. The designs are made in, or close to the country of source in ethically run factories or workshops.

The production is limited, and in many cases when we order products there goes some time before they are made and can be sent to us. This can vary from two to six months.

Generally our sizes range from xs to xxl.  Some collections are generally small, and some are generally large. In this way, we feel we have something for everybody.

The clothes are casual, comfortable, and easy to look after. Our accessories are unusual and can transform an outfit.

In this image you can see the source of some of our favourite fibres: flax that gives us linen, Merino sheep that produce the finest woolen fibre, and a bombyx caterpillar with a silk cocoon.