Urbanity specializes in ‘soft jewellery’ – adornments made from fabric and fibres.  We also carry the work of Patsy Kolesar and occasionally other jewellers working in metals.  We have included soft toys made by Timor Cohen in this section.

Vacide Erda Zimic was born in Lima, Peru.  She moved into product design from Fine arts in 2001 and now makes a collection of fashion accessories.  We carry Vacide’s very colourful necklaces and brooches made from reclaimed scrap felt and fabrics. www.vacideerdazimic.pe

Linda Hoshide lives in Seattle.  Her Japanese heritage inspires the products she makes.  Linda also makes a variety of fashion accessories, but we focus on her soft necklaces and earrings made from kimono fabric.

Patsy Kolesar has had a special place in Urbanity since 2005 when she was a student studying precious metal jewellery making.  Her work often reflects fabric patterns that are harmonious with the products sold in Urbanity.  www.pkkdesign.com

Diana Taylor makes bright fabric jewellery  in Little Rock, Arkansas under the name “Fiddlesticks” from wire-filled fabric.  www.stickballstudio.com

Karin Wagner

Karin Wagner is a Swiss designer who, more than 15 years ago, had a dream about flowers that sowed the seed for her amazing collection of felted flowers, garlands, bracelets, rings, and hair clips.  Karin’s work is sold in fine shops in Europe.  The work is immaculate – you can almost smell the flowers!


Working in what was once a button factory on the south coast of Sweden, Tommy Karlsson has found a way of colouring plexiglass from which he makes a wonderful variety of brooches and earrings.  Back in their home, with a view of the beautiful Øresund bridge that links Sweden and Denmark, Tommy and his wife Anki assemble and package their colourful products which they send all over the world.



Timor Cohen

Timor Cohen creates dolls in her studio which is close to the harbour in Jaffa, Israel.  She sells her work on Etsy, which is where I found her when I was sourcing beautiful, hand-made Christmas ornaments.  We now carry a variety of Timor’s carefully-made fanciful figures all year round.

The designs are simple and the fabrics, sustainable.  They are perfect for babies and adults, and will be enjoyed and treasured for years and years.  Please see this wonderful promotional film.  Timo Handmade