Nothing like it

If you are looking for something unique, come to Urbanity.  We are the only store carrying Fog Linenclothes in Vancouver, the only store carrying Nygaardsanna,McVerdiUno in North America.  If you believe you are unique, then check out Urbanity before you go to the other stores.  If our natural fibres grown in European fields, designed by Scandinavian artists are not to your liking, then sure…go to the others.

Simply beautiful, for you….

The beautiful photographs for theNygaardsAnna catalogue were taken in a ceramic factory by Carl Bengtsson.   We have a nice selection of very simple and interesting linen clothes from Swedish designer Nygaards Anna Bengtsson in a variety of sizes. Even if you don’t understand what Anna is saying, I think that by seeing and hearing her you will become closer to these clothes.  Pictured is a linen dress with many small buttons, and a knitted linen short sleeve cardigan. Nygaard is an old Scandinavian name.  Ny = new and gaard means ‘enclosure’, and is the name for a farm and a courtyard.  Traditionally, farms are made up of buildings that surround a space, or yard.  Your pronunciation will be close if you say New Gords Anna.Nygaardsanna is only available in North America at Urbanity.

2nd anniversary thoughts and pretty things

Tomorrow, May 11th will mark the day, two years ago that Urbanity reopened on South Granville after 5 1/2 years in Gastown.  I have grown very fond of my shop with the narrow window on the noisy Granville Highway!  But just when things seem to be settled, and I dared to extend my buying in Copenhagen in February, there was a shakedown.  Bab’s shop has now gone, and an oriental rug shop – the 6th, or is it 7th? within two blocks, has opened beside me.  The attraction oftwo clothing shops on the scenic side of Broadway is no more.  No more morning chats with Viola as we sweep the sidewalk.  Now I am the only person within the 5 shop span owned by my landlord who sweeps at all!

It was also two years ago I discovered the Northwest Trend show — a buyers market that happens every two months in Seattle.  I don’t go every time, but when I do, I always find something that I think will be of interest to my valued customers.  At the end of March I found a collection of Indian fine cotton lawn nightdresses.  Beautiful cotton, and lovely (machine) embroidery — so I bought 11 different designs.  We will be making these available for purchase on Saturday, May 12th for $65 each.

$200 Gift Certificate to Urbanity, and more — The South Granville BIA has a Mom’s Day contest happening right now.  You can help promote Urbanity, and win a gift.  Please participate by following thisLINK.

May Day

We had a busy day in Urbanity on this first day of May.  We received a box from McVerdithat was full of surprises.  McVerdi collections are cut generously, so I had especially asked for this shipment to include more small sizes, and it did.  These will go quickly, so please don’t wait.  This little top (pictured) is made from woven linen.  We have a similar one made from knitted linen.   It is simple and pretty.

The very popular dress has returned in black, light grey, and in pink.  The pink one has a woven stripe, and looks like candy-floss!
We have lots of linen pants.  Lots of the ‘bloomers’ pictured here in grey.
We have leggings too.
Maria Byman sent us more of her very simple linen/cotton top that works as a cover-up and a perfect layering garment over a sleeveless dress or top.  We know from years past that Maria’s summer knits last and last, and hold their shape.