Two years ago we brought GudrunGudrun designs to Urbanity, and we will soon be receiving more.
You might not be familiar with GudrunGudrun, because the sweaters sold so quickly you didn’t have a chance to see them.
Now you can read the inspiring story about two women called “Gudrun” and their success in creating a fashion business using the wool and the knitters on the small Faeroe islands far north in the Atlantic ocean.   Click here.
Urbanity loves clothes that tell a story and are made by caring hands.

More arrivals

Last week  I told you about the arrival of the McVerdi collection — and we have sold a lot!  I didn’t write so much about the the jackets and coats we received, so since there is still a bite in the air, I want to let you know about these.  McVerdi started in Denmark 20 years ago specializing in very functional and attractive rain-wear. They still make a lot of coats and raincoats, as well as dresses, pants, and skirts.
This little boiled 100% wool jacket has been in the collection for ages.  We have it in cerise and grey/blue.  It has darts in the back so fits really well. PERFECT for right now.

FOG LINEN is back!  This Japanese designed line is such a hit.  The linen is grown in Lithuania where the fabric is woven, and then sewn there too.  This season they have made a larger size, so we have a nice selection of dresses, jackets, and pants for you to try. Remember, I only buy two of each style! Shown are the linen scarves that I found at the Copenhagen Fashion fair – also Lithuanian linen that is part of the Aurea Vita collection.

And now for a bit of colour!  Two weeks ago I went to a trade fair and discovered URU — a California label. URU is not exclusive to Urbanity in the greater Vancouver area, but I fell for the vibrant colours and this particular print.  I have a selection of 12 pieces — mostly tops in silk and pants too.
Remember, we buy only small lots, and we cannot always hope to get more of the same.  Don’t lose out on something you love!

Long Spring weekend

We received new products fromMcVerdi just in time for the long Easter weekend.  Lotte Honore is the designer of the McVerdi line, and she knows what we want — like pockets, and clothes that fit the way we want them to.  They are stylish, casual, comfortable, and made from pure natural fabrics.  This cardigan is made from linen, as are the pants.
Lotte also sent us some spring coats and jackets — something new when cool weather lingers on and we are so tired of the coat we have been wearing for months.

Urbanity is closed on April 8 and 9th.