Cosy Christmas days

The candles are burning on the advent ring, and the store smells of fresh cedar bows.  We enjoyed a steady flow of people on Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent. Cassandra sang her own songs for us.  She has such a pretty voice.
We collected $15 in donations, and $45.60 in 5% of sales — $60.60 for the Union Gospel Mission – that will serve Christmas dinner to 18 people! Past years we have collected a little over $100.  If you wish to donate, it is easy–just go to the Web Page, .
We received a shipment of Pia Wallen slippers today, so now we are well-stocked in all sizes in shades of grey, natural, black, blue, and red.
McVerdi coats and dresses have been such a hit, we have ordered more, though McVerdi has also sold out of the grey one with the elastic hem.  We have a couple of McVerdi dresses in larger sizes in both designs, still available.
New OLEANA items are on their way and will be here at the end of next week.  Still only a portion of what I ordered, so if you are waiting for something from OLEANA, please drop me a line at
We have lots of unique and interesting items at the moment — wristlets and text gloves from $45-$75, and lots of scarves from $65, and don’t forget our fabulous collection of socks!!!
We also have special Christmas ornaments from Denmark and Tel Aviv!

mixing, layering, and just having fun!

(repost)If you have passed the shop in the last 48 hours you will have seen a wonderful combination of textures – a beautiful silk taffeta skirt from Oleanawith a cotton/ramie blouse with a great big bow, snuggled under a raw wool cable shrug from Nygaardsanna.  I am so in love with this look I want it to parade it up South Granville.  Since I change the window every two days, this wonderful outfit will soon be replaced.
We have lots of lovely silk tafetta skirts from OLEANA that can be paired up with other more rough textures to create something extraordinary.
And under those skirts are newly arrived Sneaky Fox tights and leggings, and amazing socks from Ozone, made in Japan.  (By the way, if you see socks on this site you love, please tell me).
Pinafore dresses from Cut Loose are back in new colours….dresses let you have fun layering your legs!

McVerdi has arrived

I am sure you know how it is when you have waited for something a long time, and then it comes, you are almost scared to open it.  That is how it was this afternoon when two boxes of surprises arrived from Danish McVerdi.  It was at least 4 years ago I placed an order for their raincoats – wool lined ‘gummi’ outer shell.  So perfect for a Vancouver winter.  The style has changed a few times since then, but they are still GREAT!  There are two models, one with a hood and one with a big collar.  Both models are a very dark grey outside, and a light grey inside. And I had also been waiting for the light weight wool dress — shown here with striped socks over tights.  Yes, these came too…  And the dress you see on the left, came in dark grey and in light grey.  A super little winter dress made from 60% wool and 38%cotton– so comfortable and with pockets too.  Everything came in sizes xs to xl. You are going to love this McVerdi collection!  I wish my batch of socks would come tomorrow, but it seems like we might have to wait a few days yet.