August moving into September

Local artist – Robert Chaplincame into my Gastown store soon after I opened.  Since then he has brought me much delight with his humour and unusual work.  He has just opened a little shop on the corner of Cordova and Carrall street where he is showing his snowflake where you can sponsor a snowflake!  Give it a name!!! Robert is a frequent visitor on the Fanny Kiefer show on Shaw.  I have always carried Robert’s books.  At $20 each these signed editions are a delight for adults and children.

We are on the brink of the Maiwa Symposium where every second year we are given the opportunity of meeting amazing artists, writers, and doers from around the world,  going to workshops, lectures, shows, and events.  It is an extravaganza that goes on for some months!  I have taken the opportunity of having two shows in the store insprired by the Maiwa events.  The first one starting mid-September will show ‘contemporary head-dresses’ from Jools Elphick who I met when I was staying in Brighton in 2003.  Jools’ hats are machine and hand knitted, and explore head-wear inspired by many cultures.

OLEANA blankets will be shown at the end of September at theIDSWest show.  Very exciting!

For the past four months Mieka has been working in URBANITY. She took the helm last week and gave me the opportunity of taking some days to tidy up my house – which looks like a home now instead of a waste-paper basket!  Mieka is a student at UBC and has been given the opportunity of having a role in the Model UN conference being hosted by the University in March 2012.  So, although she will be in for a couple of weekends in September, she has started a new path.

We are being asked when we will begin to have autumn collections in the store.  They are on their way, and I expect that by Jools’ exhibition we will have made the transition.  I love it when the woolies take over, though have to admit, this year, I have wanted summer to really play itself out.  We still have some linens that are great for fall transition.

The Torso

We always seem to be wishing we are something different from what we are.  At URBANITY we have clothes that help you to accept the way you are by dressing in a way that works with your body type.

Most of us don’t have much of a waist any more, so lets just skip it!  From around age 35, we begin to get shorter, and most of that happens in our spine, so our torsos get shorter — and that is just the way it is!  We gain a bit of healthy belly fat too…….

Yes we have to look after our bodies by eating healthy food and getting exercise, and to do that, we have to like ourselves!!  Dressing in clothes that address our concerns and make us feel great and have fun in what we wear is what URBANITY is about.

We still have some lovely summer clothes for the warm sunny weather we are enjoying.  We are also receiving ‘late summer’ clothes — clothes that edge into autumn.  Please join our  FACEBOOK page, to keep up to date!

Important Message!

Very Popular Pinafores from Cut Loose
For the past two winters we have carried corduroy pinafore dresses from Cut Loose.  They have not been included in the collection this winter, but I am able to put in a special order for them.

If you are interested in one of these super comfortable, dresses please come by and choose your colour – the colours are really fabulous. I will ask for a $50 + $6 tax deposit for each dress ordered.  The final cost of the dresses will be $130.
Deadline for ordering is August 31st – email address

The Award for Design Excellence

I have often been asked about the words on the back of the tag on Oleana products where it says ‘Tildelt Merket for God Design – Norwegian Design Award 1993, 1997 & 1999’.  The words basically mean, ‘Award for Design Excellence’, and now the Norwegian Design Council has created a logo that can be used on products that have been given this award.  You can see moreHERE.  An exhibition called 100% Norway organized by the Norwegian Embassy in London highlights products that can boast the logo shown here.

This item has nothing to do with Norway except that I found it in the NorwegianInteriørMagazine, and is exceptional in its design, I think, maybe because I am a magazine hoarder.  If I had seen this I would never have thrown or given away all the wonderful magazines I have collected in the past.  You can see more HERE.
I found another kind of design here in Vancouver on the weekend.  It is a garden project called The Bulkhead Urban Architecture Project and is on the Seawall, just west of the Athletes Village. You can see a film about it HERE.  I have posted many pictures of the garden on my personal facebook page, and here is one of them.  If you are in Vancouver you might enjoy having a look.
And here in URBANITY we are making plans for the Autumn.  In the meantime, we are happy to see the summer stock going out the door. It is Fall cleaning time (I always prefer to clean house ready for Winter,. than to clean house ready for Summer) and all kinds of items are appearing that bring extra interest to the dwindling summer clothes racks!!