Back to normal!

We still have a few of the felt items on display until the weekend, and we will be keeping the work of Dagmar Binder and the Karin Wagner for a while longer –.  I loved having Felt Amazing in the shop, but it was also nice to get back to normal and to put out the new clothes we have received, and take some time to shake up the companies who have not yet sent us our order — like our Pia Wallen slippers!  Where are they????

I have just created a newsletter.  If you want to receive them, please send an email to me  They also get automatically posted on myFacebook page and on my twitter feed.

I have added a new link – down at the bottom of the list to the right.  It is a wonderful film showing many ways of wearing a scarf.

Let us all have a very happy Diwali — enjoy some Indian sweets and the festival of light.

Oleana is moving!

Oleana’s production has outgrown the space it has occupied since starting in 1992.  News of the move has been posted on Oleana’swebsite.  Oleana is moving afew kilometers away from their present location to Ytre Arna, a town that was built around the oldest textile factory in the Bergen area — Arne Fabrikker, dating from 1845. The building lies right on the Sørfjord.  Ships used to bring cotton from Egypt and the Americas directly to Arne Fabrikker — the first mechanised cotton spinning and weaving factory in Norway. You can see an old filmfrom the cotton mill where bedding was made.  It is not subtitled, but is still interesting. 1000 people used to work in this factory!  Oleana with its 60 factory workers will have space to grow in comfort!  Oleana will celebrate their 20th Anniversary next year in their new home!

A taste of Oleana spring has arrived!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!  The sun was shining and a delivery of long-awaited Oleana sweaters and blankets arrived.  We quickly unpacked, priced, and made phone calls and sent emails.  Many people have been waiting for their chosen sweater, but we did get a few extra.  The pictured cardigan is covered in Peonies – no two flowers the same, and two butterflies too!

Knitting Values into Fashion

More than two months have past since Signe and Torbjorg came to visit, and tantalized everybody with the beautiful new Oleana spring collection!  (You can see Torbjorg here wearing the very popular long cardigan in a new spring colour.)  Partial shipment will hopefully be sent this week, so please make sure your name is on the list of first recipients.  You can see the collection on
If you missed the lecturegiven by Signe at Kwantlen on February 21st, you can now see it on YouTube.  It has been posted in several parts under the title “Knitting Values into Fashion”