Our Christmas ‘Julestue’ is on Sunday

Tradition will have it that we start our Christmas celebration this Sunday, the first Sunday in Advent.  We will serve warm Gløgg, something yummy to eat, and give you the opportunity to make a Christmas decoration.  On this day we invite you to make a donation to the Union Gospel Mission either through a purchase, or just as an offering.  For the cost of an Americano, you can buy a full Christmas dinner for a person in need.  Drop by between 1 – 4 Nov. 28th.  We look forward to seeing you. (click on the image to see a larger version.)

Its sweater time :-) !!!

From my window I see a healthy dusting of snow on the north shore mountains, and the radio tells me that is cold and getting colder.  It is sweater time!  Oleana has introduced two new Alpaca styles this season.  This beautiful cardigan is also available in shades of red.  It is a longer version of one of my favourite woolen cardigans from 7 or so years ago.  The grey colour is new.

Just Arrived! Lots of slippers from Pia Wallén

The perfect Christmas present for the whole family! Woolen felt slippers from Swedish Pia Wallén in ALL sizes, from Baby to Dad. Black, grey, blue, red – unisex and slip-ons. Slippers are priced from $48 to $75. For babies we also have Oleana blankets and b.ella socks.

Christmas Recipes

rackerjack opened last night in West Van, and to help with the evening’s festivities I served Stollen and Apple Gløgg.  Both were such a hit that I promised to post the recipes here.  The Stollen was made following a recipe on-line with reference to the Stollen recipe in the Larouse Gastronomique.  I used less than half the sugar for the marzipan, and I added the egg yolks from making the marzipan to the dough.  The apple cider gløgg recipe is as follows:

Apple cider glogg (no alcohol)
1 organic orange
1 ½ liters of organic apple cider
50 g. sliced fresh ginger
4 star anis
8 cardamom pods
50 grams big light raisins

Slice the orange.  Boil the cider with the spices and orange slices. Reduce the mixture to 1 liter.  Strain over the raisins

New arrivals

This has been an exciting week in URBANITY!  We received some wonderful coats and triangular scarves (pictured) fromIvko.  The colours are amazing and attracting a lot of attention (click on the images to get a closer look.) We also received some really funky coats from Swedish Olars Ulla.  All items are not available anywhere else in Vancouver.  A variety of very cute alpaca scarves that I bought back in March arrived —  fabulous for Christmas presents — so soft and colourful.