Oleana in Stock

Urbanity has been selling Oleana products since 2004.  As the Canadian Rep, we have felt we should have all designs in the store.  Oleana produces a new collection for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.  New colour-ways are added to previous collections, as well as new designs are introduced.  Gradually colour-ways, and designs are taken out of production over the years.

We don’t have every size in every colour, in every style, but we do have a good amount of stock, that we have listed here.

Designs that are still in production can be ordered if they are not found in our stock.  Items that are out of production may no longer be available in sizes not shown.

We also have scarves and wristlets in all designs.

We also carry Oleana blankets, and have most designs available.

Colour Codes:  Oleana uses a letter of the alphabet to indicate Colour.

A, R – Red

V – Pink

K – Cerise/Burgundy/Fuchsia

W, F, FQ – Blue

Q – pastel blue

O – Black

H – Brown

C – Lilac

B – Beige

D – Grey

Cardigans (cropped and medium length)

#336 Merino-silk medium length cardigan.  Please request a size–we are ordering on-going.

#333 Merino-silk medium length cardigan.

#332 Merino-silk Cherry Blossom medium length cardigan.

#331 Merino-silk cropped cardigan with collar.  Single light- weight knit.

#329 Merino-silk, medium length cardigan

#322 Merino-silk medium length cardigan.

#317 Merino-silk medium length cardigan. Knit with structure.

#312 Merino-silk medium length cardigan.  This cardigan has a nice easy fit.

#311 Merino-silk cropped cardigan.  This design is no longer in production.

#305 – Merino-silk cardigan fitted (with darts front and back)

#199 – Merino-silk longer cardigan with pockets.

#198 Merino-Silk medium length cardigan

#195 Merino-Silk medium length cardigan.  Colours R and K are no longer being produced.  Colour F (blue) is still available.

Long Cardigans and Jackets

#338 – Medium long Jacket with collar and pockets.  No buttons.  Available in 2 colour-ways.  This is a new jacket for AW17 – please tell us the size you need so we can be sure to order it.

#337 Long cardigan with pockets.  Please tell us the size you need.  This is a new design for AW17

#330 Merino-silk long cardigan with pockets.  One button. This cardigan has a slightly more generous fit than the other long cardigans.

#327 Merino-silk long cardigan with pockets, no collar or buttons.  The design is called  Salstrøm jacket because the pattern is based on a woven pattern made by the Swedish weaver…..

#313 Merino-silk jacket with pockets and collar.  No buttons.

#316 Long cardigan with pockets. Merino-silk silk with structure.

#196 Long Merino-silk cardigan with pockets.

#168 Long Merino-silk cardigan with pockets.

Tops, Tunics, and Pullovers

#318 Merino-silk tunic. No longer in production.

#310 Striped short sleeved Merino-silk top. Single knit weight. S-XL

#309 Short sleeved Merino-silk top with a scoop neck (lower in the back).  Single weight knit with small holes in rows.

#197 Long sleeved, boat neck Merino-silk tunic.

#162 Long sleeved merino-silk pullover, single weight structure knit.

#189 Merino-silk sleeveless shell with dots. No longer in Production.

#141 – Sleeveless Merino-silk shell that was made to go with cardigan #142.  This design is no longer in production.


#321 – Merino-silk knitted skirt lined with acetate.

#306 Merino-silk patterned skirt.  Lined with acetate.

#72 – worsted wool box pleat skirt.  Exceptional quality.