Oleana in Stock (updated 15  january 2018)

Colour Codes:  Oleana uses a letter of the alphabet to indicate Colour.

A, R – Red

V – Pink

K – Cerise/Burgundy/Fuchsia

W, F, FQ – Blue

Q – pastel blue

O – Black

H – Brown

C – Lilac

B – Beige

D – Grey

Cardigans (cropped and medium length)

#336 Merino-silk medium length cardigan.  Please request a size–we are ordering on-going.

#333 Merino-silk medium length cardigan.

#332 Merino-silk Cherry Blossom medium length cardigan.

#331 Merino-silk cropped cardigan with collar.  Single light- weight knit.

#329 Merino-silk, medium length cardigan

#322 Merino-silk medium length cardigan.

#317 Merino-silk medium length cardigan. Knit with structure.

#312 Merino-silk medium length cardigan.   It has a wonderful easy fit.  This cardigan is no longer in production.

#311 Merino-silk cropped cardigan.  This design is no longer in production. NOTE:  This is the only cropped cardigan available.

#305 – Merino-silk cardigan fitted (with darts front and back)

#198 Merino-Silk medium length cardigan

#195 Merino-Silk medium length cardigan.  Colours R and K are no longer being produced.  Colour F (blue) is still available.

Long Cardigans and Jackets

#338 – Medium long Jacket with collar and pockets.  No buttons.  Available in 2 colour-ways.  This is a new jacket for AW17 – please tell us the size you need so we can be sure to order it.

#337 Long cardigan with pockets.  Please tell us the size you need.  This is a new design for AW17

#330 Merino-silk long cardigan with pockets.  One button. This cardigan has a slightly more generous fit than the other long cardigans.

#327 Merino-silk long cardigan with pockets, no collar or buttons.  The design is called  Salstrøm jacket because the pattern is based on a woven pattern made by the Swedish weaver…..

#313 Merino-silk jacket with pockets and collar.  No buttons.

#316 Long cardigan with pockets. Merino-silk silk with structure.

#196 Long Merino-silk cardigan with pockets. Only colour ‘D ‘ is still in production. Please note, we have some sizes in colours O, W, B available.

#168 Long Merino-silk cardigan with pockets.

Tops, Tunics, and Pullovers

#339 Merino-silk pullover

#318 Merino-silk tunic. No longer in production.

#310 Striped short sleeved Merino-silk top. Single knit weight. S-XL

#309 Short sleeved Merino-silk top with a scoop neck (lower in the back).  Single weight knit with small holes in rows.

#197 Long sleeved, boat neck Merino-silk tunic.

#162 Long sleeved merino-silk pullover, single weight structure knit.

#189 Merino-silk sleeveless shell with dots. No longer in Production.

#141 – Sleeveless Merino-silk shell that was made to go with cardigan #142.  This design is no longer in production.


#321 – Merino-silk knitted skirt lined with acetate.

#306 Merino-silk patterned skirt.  Lined with acetate. (no longer in production)

#72 – worsted wool box pleat skirt.  Exceptional quality. No longer in production.