McVerdi is a Danish company that was started by Lotte Honoré in 1987 designing raincoats. In fact, the same wool-lined waterproof raincoat has been made since 1987, and we have carried it for the past 7 years. Lotte’s designs are made to make you feel and be comfortable, and feminine. Her designs have a beautiful shape and fit. We suggest you read about the designs and fabrics on www.McVerdi.

Stock updated Oct 10

AW 18 collection of dresses, jackets, coats

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Fabulous McVerdi raincoats

The waterproof ‘gummy’ raincoat has been in production for more than 30 years! They will last for very many years.

Thinsulate coats are cosy and (very) water resistant.  They dry quickly.

Woolen A-line striped coat.

Thinsulate oversized coat is worn loose.  Casual and roomy.

Denim dresses – 100% cotton winter weight (price information coming soon)

Linen/cotton blend in winter-weight striped fabric (price information coming soon)

Past season’s wool blend dresses.

Classic skirts