Busy December

We were so excited by this wonderful dress from McVerdi, that we decided to do a photoshoot in the hope the press would pick up the image.  We staged the shoot in the Scott Landon Gallery, and asked Jenn Walton from digiwerxstudio.com to take the Pictures.  Suzanne Nairne modeled the dresses so beautifully. This dress is so becoming, and although there is only one left in rust, we still have the dress in beautiful blue Italian corduroy, and in a wool blend.  We also have more styles from McVerdi — relaxed Danish designs for worldly women!

We are so happy to tell you that we raised $250 for the Unions Gospel Mission on our first Christmas Day, December 2nd.  We enjoyed having Elisabeth Owre demonstrate making her glass beads, and Ratatouille Designs with a wonderful selection of vintage linens.  Cassandra Van Dyck sang for us as we sipped glogg!

Urbanity is all stocked up for the season.  We have lots of scarves of all kinds, sweaters, very cute brooches from K-form in Sweden, and belts made by Vancouver’s Denise Wilson.  We also have an array of fun jewellery — from Patsy Kolesar‘s silver jewellery to ceramicistLaura Vanderlinde multi-media necklaces.  As always we have a wide selection of socks.  Oleana is well-stocked and we have lots of wristwarmers, tights, and leg-warmers!  We look forward to seeing you!

We care…

Last year we bought 6 dresses from Swedish designer “Up The Wooden Hills“.   The clothes are made of beautiful Liberty cotton, and on the website it said“The days of ill-fitting clothes with bad pattern construction, too tight seams, stiff shapes and strangling necklines are over.”  It was a bit of a shock when the dresses came and they were difficult to get into because there was no zip!  The sleeves, although hanging off the shoulders were restricting and appeared to be set in backwards. We did sell two of them, and rather than throw out that beautiful fabric, I found somebody who was willing to do a makeover on them –take out and re-cut the sleeves, and bring them higher up on the shoulder.  She put zippers in.  We told the two people who had bought the dresses that we were ‘recalling’ them.  Now the dresses really are comfortable and live up to the claim made by the designer!  The sleeves fit properly, and the dresses are easy to put on.  Now they are pretty, and look great on.  We did this because we just LOVE the fabric.  Now this model can smile!

Magical Season

The special days of this season merge together as we celebrate the winter Solstice, the 8 days of  Hanukkah, and Christmas.  Everybody works hard to make these days special, cooking, shopping, making lanterns, getting together with friends, family, with all the joys and obligations.  I joked with my Muslim printer the other day, that the people who truly get a holiday at this time of year are the Muslims!!

We are receiving last minute deliveries at Urbanity.  Cut Loose sent us more pinafores, lots of Swing Tees in many colours, and those popular dotty/striped scarves. MonaLin socks have arrived from Ozone — which many of you have been waiting for, and Oleana has sent a final 2011 shipment due to arrive on Friday, Dec. 23rd.  Urbanity will be open until 3 o’clock on Christmas Eve.  We reopen on Tuesday, December 27th. at noon.

Timeless fashion

The latest Selvedge has featured Nygardsanna on the cover, and has some pages inside from one of the previous collections.  I recently found a film with Anna Bengtssongiving a talk as part of the exhibition of recipients of theGuldknappen  -Golden Button- award for fashion, which she won in 1998.   The Nordic Museum in Stockholm is having an exhibition showing the work of the designers who have won this award over the past 30 years.

Hot summer days are here and now you can buy a timeless piece ofCut Loose at cut prices!  Look for the coloured dots on the tags.

Catching up with summer

It has been a while since I wrote on the blog.  I realize some of you don’t get the newsletter and are not on Facebook, so the blog is the only way you can keep up with what is happening at Urbanity.
The shop is looking pretty.  We replaced the sandwich board with flowers — it is a little touch of Copenhagen and the little enclave that really needs a bit of pretty.

I have a new helper, and she does such a wonderful job with the mannequins and the displays.  She uses Karin Wagner’s felt flowers creating wonderful little surprises.  I am really enjoying what she does.   I hope Tiffany will stay for a while – but an academic career awaits her so I can only enjoy her presence a month at a time.

We have a guest artist – North Vancouver  painter Catherine Fields‘ work is colourful and strong.  The work is for sale, and I take no commission – it is my way of supporting local artists.

We still have a nice selection of summer linens, and as a reward to those who bought early hoping for a long summer, I am offering 25% off on an item of a similar value for a few days  — July 14 – 18.

More flowers are coming from Swiss artist Karin Wagner. Karin’s beautiful flowers and garlands are a way to make a favourite casual dress festive for a wedding, or other special event.  We are proud to carry her work.

We are waiting or more linen pants and tunics from Cut Loose(apparently stuck at the border)….and lots of other summer products.

I am thrilled that an Oleana blanket appears in the August edition of
Chatelaine. The blanket adorns a sofa of a Quebec home, and is shown on two pages.  Do you know the design number of this blanket?  You might have to look at the second image where the design is unmistakable!

We are proud that Urbanity is a favourite shop for people visiting Vancouver from afar.  Make Urbanity your favourite, and tell your friends.

New Arrivals

Last weekend I was in Toronto.  Just as I was leaving for the airport boxes began to arrive.  Mieke worked hard to get everything unpacked, steamed, and priced.  I think we have a wonderful collection of linen clothes to suit just about everybody looking for casual clothes that will look lovely for years.  I have chosen a few to show you here, and there are more.  (formatting in this post is very strange…please keep scrolling down, it is a long post)
 soft jewelery
Many of you are familiar with the felt jewelry that we carry that comes from Peru.  There is a new felt necklace available in three colours, and some very simple ribbon earings that play with 4 different colour palettes.
 cut loose
I get many requests for Cut Loose, and always have a list of people waiting for special items.  We have sun dresses, tops and skirts, pants, tees, and jackets.  In this image you can see a skirt and top belted with an Anokhi indigo patterned scarf.  The felt necklace is locally made.  The ‘dotty’ scarves on the right are striped on the reverse.  Tied loosely they are stunning, and soft too. On the lower right is a selection of linen scarves that have been available in all the summer colours.

Nygaardsanna sent me another dress in three colours that has an uneaven hem and small buttons (and button holes) all the way from top to bottom.  The Nygaardsanna dresses are very popular and only get more beautiful with wear.  They are made from beautiful thick linen in a soft weave.  We have a number of dresses and blouses from their ‘hytnes’ collection that harks back to the simple clothes worn at the turn of the 20th century in the countryside.  You can see one of Patsy’s necklaces on the mannequin to the left.  Urbanity is the only shop in North America carrying Nygaardsanna (noo gohrds anna) – no relation to the other.

fog linen

Fog linen work has a small collection of clothes as part of their larger collection of homewares. The linen is grown in Lithuania, and the clothes are made there. Each collection brings surprises in the pattern of the weave, and like Nygaardsanna, there is a country feel to the designs.  I joke that these clothes are ‘one size fits small’.  Lucky are those who fit these lovely designs.  We have dresses, shirts, and pants..

ms phan

I am excited by the small collection of linen clothes that arrived yesterday from a designer in China.  Each of the 8 pieces are different from the other, but all of them have a very interesting design. These dresses are for those of you looking for something bold and funky.

Gudrun Gudrun
We only have one GudrunGudrun piece left. This cardigan is made from silk yarn with ‘stars’ knitted with rough Faeroe yarn. GudrunGudrun (a partnership of two women with the same name) have their garments knitted on the Faeroe islands.  They also make thin woolen ‘shirts’ from eco merino that are knitted on machines in Latvia. They make many wonderful sweaters, and I am looking forward to carrying more.  The cardigan shown is unisex.
 mirror image
This is Oleana‘s newest alpaca cardigan that is inspired by a traditional Norwegian sweater from Fana.  We have paired it with Nygaardsanna linen shorts, and a white shirt from Guatamala.  We had these shirts last summer, and they have been brought back by popular demand.  There are 5 classic styles available made from a robust cotton fabric.
We have been promised a very hot summer, a bit sun sure would be nice!  Nothing is more comfortable than clothes made from natural fibres when the weather is warm. Urbanity focuses on clothes made from only natural fibres.

Spring cardigans

Urbanity has carried softly knitted cardigans made by Pernilla Svenreand her team of 6 people since our very early days.  I met Pernilla at the Copenhagen fashion fair way back in the ’90s and loved her casual style.  I promised that one day I would have a shop where I would sell her designs!  Pernilla works with a basic model using different yarns and knitting styles.  This season she has made a short version of her cardigan that can be tied or left loose.  We have it solids,  leaf patterns, and super soft alpaca in a lacey stitch.

The year that was…

2010 was an exciting year for URBANITY.  We started the year in anticipation of the coming Winter Olympics, and in the wake of the OLEANA exhibition, Beyond Borders that had brought a lot of attention to the OLEANA collection. Then, at the end of March I made the decision to move the store away from Gastown and closer to my customers.  The decision was not easy, but as the months have gone by I am really happy to be on Granville Street, in the South Granville shopping and gallery district.  Thanks to all off you who have been a friend and customer of URBANITY whether for 6 years or one week — may 2011 see your wishes come true.

God Jul! It’s Christmas!

Christmas 2010

Lille Julaften

Christmas Eve is quickly approaching.  In Denmark,  December 23rd is called Lille Julaften  – little Christmas Eve.  Christmas in Denmark is really magical and making the day before Christmas eve a special day just makes more room for all the magic.
Oleana‘s motto is that the world needs less, but more beautiful things.  Here atUrbanity we too believe this, which is why we have only luxurious items that will last for a long time, bringing pleasure for years to come.  We are open to 8pm on lille julaften.