Autumn/Winter 2014

The new Autumn collection steps out into new terratory!! The collection includes skirts to match a new cardigan design, and the knitting technique has changed to make an even less finer merino-silk fabric. The new collection sees design #305, a cardigan in mauves, blues, greys, and green with a very bold cerise band, and the skirts, design 306 echoes the same pattern and colours.

A new Alpaca jacket has also been added, this time in a structured knit that is also used in the new scarf and wristlets in colours K, Burgundy, W, blue, D, grey, and C2 Mauve. The very popular short sleeved pullover is reappearing as a long sleeved pullover in black, cerise, blue, and mauve.

Previous collections have added new colours. The long sleeved cardigan with pockets #196 is now available in K (Burgundy — see #195K), and W (Blue — see #195W). The boatneck pullover #197 is now also in colours of Grey. Cardigan #198 from SS 14 is also no in W (blue).

Oleana Autumn/Winter catalog: here