News from Norway

A recent visit to the Oleana Factory

A few weeks ago I was in Norway on the occasion of Oleana’s 25th Anniversary. It was 5 years since I had been to the factory. In 2012 they were still in the process of  moving into the fabulous building from 1842 that had been a cotton processing, spinning, and weaving factory for more than 100 years.

I started my relationship with Oleana in July 2004 when I went to Norway to meet the owners and discuss opening a shop in Vancouver — which I did on December 8th of the same year. I became the Canadian rep in 2007. From when I became rep, we had at the most 6 stores carrying Oleana products in Canada. Today we are two. Urbanity, and Lila Lupo in Toronto.

In all these years there have been strict rules about sharing information about prices on the internet. Selling on line was strictly prohibited. Now the founders have moved aside and the company has been taken over by younger members of the family and an on-line shop has been launched.

Depending where you are when you open the Oleana website, you will get different information. It is not possible to buy on line in all countries. The on-line shop has been launched for Canada, and as of January 1st, Oleana will no longer have a Canadian rep. To be clear, Urbanity will certainly continue to carry Oleana, as we have since 2004.

It is of course my hope that Canadians wanting to buy Oleana, will approach shops in Canada selling the collection before ordering from Norway. We are working on getting images of all our Oleana stock up on our website — because we have a lot of Oleana stock!! At this time, we have not yet managed to post images of the scarves, wristlets, the alpaca collection, and blankets. It takes time, but it will get done!! Please write or call if you have any questions.  See

I believe the on-line shop will ultimately make more people outside Scandinavia familiar with the Oleana brand which is really good!