Time for coats



You can find coats and jackets for different weather in Urbanity.

From left to right, you can see coats and jackets as follows:

CarmenG raincoats, made in Montreal.  Reversible and waterproof.  Available in Purple, Teal, Khaki, Red, Black.

McVerdi raincoats, designed in Denmark since 1987.  Waterproof and wool lined.  Light and warm.  This year available also in Red and Blue.

Est woolen coats designed and made in France.

Fog Linen coats made from heavy Linen.  Available in a number of different linen weights and styles.

Jackets – boiled wool from Cut Loose

Felted wool from Maria Byman (Sweden) and Butapana (Japan).

Come into the shop and we can show you our super coats!