A Christmas in Wales

I am so pleased that my dear friend Sue Hiley Harris will be coming to Vancouver and sharing her talents, and the story of her life and her work with you all.  Sue was born in Australia, but she has made Wales her home.  I met her when I went to take a class with her on silk paper-making and we became friends.  That was around 1998.  We saw each other often after that, and the last time was at Christmas in 2003 when I spent Christmas with her and her family in the old stone mill where she lived.  It was a most wonderful Christmas.  I was thrilled when she called me and said she was going to San Fransisco to give a lecture, and wasn’t Vancouver just up the road???

Sue Hiley Harris is a very talented artist.  The way she creates three-dimensional objects on the loom is nothing short of astounding.  She only works with natural fibres, and natural dyes.  She has raised silk worms and spins silk. She is an authority on silk and she has exhibited her work internationally.

Sue will be giving a lecture about her life and work on Sunday, February 26th in Vancouver, and again on Salt Spring Island. You can see more about Sue and get all the information about her activities while she is here. Please go to the page I have created atwww.urbanity.ca/SueHileyHarris.htm

Have a little heart….

FUSS scarves are made from a single twisted thread (one ply) of merino wool yarn, are double, and are bouncy!  They are sold at some of the best design shops in Denmark, and now they are sold in Urbanity.  $145 for a very special scarf for either him or her.  Karen, the designer, also designs cushions and throws.  Please do look at her website.  Her marketing is tops.  Of course that is why she is in prestigeous places.

A princess in the crowd

Can you find the Princess in the crowd at Gallery?  There was a bit of a buzz at the Fair when Princess Mary came to look at the new Winter Collections at Gallery, one of four places where Copenhagen fashion week is taking place.  I will give you a hint, she is wearing green!
We are having a great time finding some amazing treasures and wonderful designs to bring to Urbanity for next Winter.