Last day of Felt Amazing

Lisa Klakulak

Today is the last day of the Felt Amazing exhibition in URBANITY.
I have been posting images of the larger pieces, so on this last day I want to post images of the small and exquisite work of Sarah Fox, and Lisa Klakulak

Lots of Felt in Vancouver!

We have had a lot of fun with the Felt Amazing show in the shop.  So many people have come to see it, and our regular collections.  As the Felt Amazing show draws to a close, the Jorie Johnson show at the Silk Weaving Studiocontinues.

Felt Amazing ends at 6pm on Friday October 21st. and then the work will be returned to the artists.  Don’t miss the opportunity of buying an amazing felt design!
Many photographs have been posted on my Urbanity page on Facebook.

See the great article on the South Granville Blog

More from FELT AMAZING in Vancouver

We opened the exhibition on the evening of Friday, October 7th.  Only on that morning did we received the box of Dagmar Binder’s work sent from Berlin, Germany. The box contained one jacket and a number of collars and scarves in different colours. The red jacket is made totally in one piece, with no seams, and even has pockets.  It is an amazing jacket and is priced under $700.   I have included a detail image, because I want to show how this jacket has so much detail with no sewing anywhere.   Most of the work in the exhibition is for sale, and as we were arranging Dagmar’s pieces, we sold three of her signature collars. You can see more on Dagmar’s website.

Please pass on the word about this exhibition. It is scheduled to end on the 21st of

Each artist works with felt in a different way. It is a very wonderful exhibition.

FELT AMAZING in Vancouver

We have almost finished installing the FELT AMAZING exhibition scheduled to open tomorrow evening, Oct 7th.  I truly squealed with delight as I opened each box.  We have jackets, dresses, jewellery, scarves, and lots of amazing felt flowers.  It seems hardly fair to focus on any one artist, but Karin Wagner’s flowers are so exquisite, I can hardly believe the delicacy of them.  Each artists’ work is so different from the other, yet the show is amazingly harmonious.  You can see the websites of those in the show in the last post.  All the work is for sale, except that of Charlotte Buch.