Timeless fashion

The latest Selvedge has featured Nygardsanna on the cover, and has some pages inside from one of the previous collections.  I recently found a film with Anna Bengtssongiving a talk as part of the exhibition of recipients of theGuldknappen  -Golden Button- award for fashion, which she won in 1998.   The Nordic Museum in Stockholm is having an exhibition showing the work of the designers who have won this award over the past 30 years.

Hot summer days are here and now you can buy a timeless piece ofCut Loose at cut prices!  Look for the coloured dots on the tags.

Pattern knows no borders

Oleana’s designer followed the silk road from Grenada in Spain where the Moors brought Islamic patterns to Europe, then on to Istanbul, and further to China.  Patterns flow from one country to another, from one culture to another.

Pattern knows no borders

We mourn for Norway.

Summer flowers

We were expecting  a summer collection from McVerdi in Denmark, but it never arrived, which for a while was a bit of a worry.   As it turned out though, the collections that did come seemed to be perfect for the weather we have been having.  We are close to August which is bound to be sunnier than July, and so I am pleased that a small collection of Indian cotton dresses from Anokhi via Magic Mountain, have arrived.  The dresses are made by Anokhiin India for Magic Mountain which is an Ontario based company.  They are block printed in wonderful colours.  It is still my dream to bring Anokhi directly from India.
I ordered more linen ‘lantern’ pants from Cut loose which are on their way.  Because I have had requests for them, I have also ordered a good selection of corduroy pants for the autumn — basic cord pants that are the perfect basic casual pant.
Two of the 6 Liberty print dresses have been sent from Up The Wooden Hills in Sweden -size S and L. Two more are expected to be sent over the coming weekend. I am very interested to see the first two dresses which should arrive before the end of the week. Designer Lisa makes each dress herself
I have just enjoyed some days at home while Mieka has looked after the store.  I have enjoyed exploring all the new shops and coffee shops in Gastown.  I will add these two special places to my list on the right hand side of this page, but in the meantime, if you are in Gastown, do visit Olla Flowers, a most unusual flower shop on the second floor (where Mooncruise used to be).  And although there are lots of places to enjoy a cup of good coffee, I have totally fallen in love with Nelson the Seagull on Carrall Street.  They make their own slow-rise bread and everything is organic.  It has become a popular spot for lunch.  They serve their delicious coffee in thin cups, so it is piping hot.

Catching up with summer

It has been a while since I wrote on the blog.  I realize some of you don’t get the newsletter and are not on Facebook, so the blog is the only way you can keep up with what is happening at Urbanity.
The shop is looking pretty.  We replaced the sandwich board with flowers — it is a little touch of Copenhagen and the little enclave that really needs a bit of pretty.

I have a new helper, and she does such a wonderful job with the mannequins and the displays.  She uses Karin Wagner’s felt flowers creating wonderful little surprises.  I am really enjoying what she does.   I hope Tiffany will stay for a while – but an academic career awaits her so I can only enjoy her presence a month at a time.

We have a guest artist – North Vancouver  painter Catherine Fields‘ work is colourful and strong.  The work is for sale, and I take no commission – it is my way of supporting local artists.

We still have a nice selection of summer linens, and as a reward to those who bought early hoping for a long summer, I am offering 25% off on an item of a similar value for a few days  — July 14 – 18.

More flowers are coming from Swiss artist Karin Wagner. Karin’s beautiful flowers and garlands are a way to make a favourite casual dress festive for a wedding, or other special event.  We are proud to carry her work.

We are waiting or more linen pants and tunics from Cut Loose(apparently stuck at the border)….and lots of other summer products.

I am thrilled that an Oleana blanket appears in the August edition of
Chatelaine. The blanket adorns a sofa of a Quebec home, and is shown on two pages.  Do you know the design number of this blanket?  You might have to look at the second image where the design is unmistakable!

We are proud that Urbanity is a favourite shop for people visiting Vancouver from afar.  Make Urbanity your favourite, and tell your friends.

Grab the sun!

As I write this there are soft clouds in the sky on a beautiful summer evening.  We are still receiving summer clothes, and when the sun shines we want light printed cotton dresses, so those are coming too.

Last week we received another small shipment from Fog Linen.  I had been waiting with glee to see what the ‘carat’ pants would be like, and we had a lot of fun in the shop as people tried them on.  They are very practical and somewhat unusual.  They look like a skirt– a skirt you could wear on a windy cliff with no fears of it blowing up over your head.  Carat pants are very popular in Japan.