We’ve got a name!

This morning, bright and early, our name got put on the building above the window!!!  It was a day to celebrate!  With the sign came a new energy, and people have been streaming in all day.  There is nothing like having a NAME!!!

I often get asked the question…….

…what should I wear under my Oleana cardigan?
Oleana makes matching shells, and short sleeved tops in the same colourways as the cardigans, but some people prefer to wear cotton.  The designer, Solveig Hisdal  often wears a blouse casually, over her skirt or pants, as can be seen here when she was in Vancouver last year opening the exhibition “Beyond Borders

and socks for babies too!

Today I received the long awaited leggings (footless tights) that I had hoped for in July!  And in the box were tiny little baby b.elle socks for boys and girls made from cashmere, angora, wool, viscose…..  they are just tooo cute!  Remember that we still carry baby blankets from OLEANA!!

Treading lightly into Autumn

It always amazes me how trees begin to change colour on the Labour Day weekend telling us that the season has officially changed!   We have had a wonderful summer and despite the changing leaves, we can expect to enjoy late summer for a while yet.
We might not be ready for sweaters and winter coats, yet everybody is getting ready to layer, and even though it is nice for our toes to be bare, colourful socks are a lovely way to start getting ready for winter.
Just arrived are wonderful coloured socks from b.ella made from wool, cashmere, angora.  More cotton socks have arrived fromOzone.
Along with the wonderful array of tights from Danish Sneaky Fox, we have almost everything you might wish for.  I say almost, because I am getting a lot of requests for leggings!  So leggings are on their way.
These items make great (Christmas) presents!