Opening May 1st???? Sorry…..we are delayed…..

I am really starting to get anxious…and excited about getting the store open.  It has been a huge job for my one man and an electrician.  BUT it is looking GREAT!
The Chandelier is in the window just waiting for the paper to come down so we can greet the world.
Although the shop is not ready I am happy to make an appointment with anybody who is needing something in particular.  It is best to send me an email –

OLEANA and PKK design Jewellery

Patsy recently did a photoshoot of her jewellery using models wearing OLEANA and other URBANITY items.  You can see more on Patsy’s website and blog.

The new URBANITY is taking shape

I want to give you an update on the progression of URBANITY ‘on the RISE’.  As you can see, we are not about to open in the next week!!!  We are waiting for the materials for doing the floor, coming from Dartmouth, N.S. — that got delayed in Toronto!  When the floor has been finished the walls can be painted, and changing rooms made. In order to get open as soon as possible, no changes will be made to my display system, for now. I am growing really fond of the space, and getting to know the neighbourhood.  I think you are going toreally enjoy the New URBANITY.